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Natural calcite powder and its beneficial uses

Natural calcite powder is natural calcium carbonate which is highly pure, extremely white and free flowing in nature. Calcite Powder is widely used in various applications like rigid PVC pipes, ink, powder coating, pain and ceramic industry. The typical properties of Calcite include higher flow properties, higher mechanical properties, better gloss and whiteness, better corrosion resistance, prevention of chalking and excellent dispersion properties. Calcite Powder has huge applications.

Applications of natural calcite powder:

  • Calcite powder is commonly used in large range of industries including Paper industry, Paint Industry, Cosmetic industry, Textile Industry, Ceramic industry, Rubber Industry, PVC Industry, Plastic Industry and Soap and detergent Industry.
  • In the detergent industry Calcite powder is used as mineral fillers for obtaining high level of humidity retention. It improves the consistency and dryness of final mass also. A big advantage of Calcite powder is that it does not change the physical or chemical properties of soap products or viscosity of the mix. It plays a big role in improving the cleaning action of detergents and the reason is its adequate abrasiveness. It is not retained by those fibers of textile and does not cause any damage to fabrics; therefore, it is safe for the fabrics.
  • In the plastic industry calcite powder is hugely used as filler for its high impact resistance, high dispersibility, excellent dimensional stability, low oil absorption, smooth surface finish and easy processing. It is used for man-made floor tiles, artificial stone, synthetic rubber, natural rubber, plastics, paints, paper, cable, toothpaste, glass, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, inks, paints, cables, food, textiles, electrical insulation, feed, adhesives, asphalt, roofing construction supplies, building materials, sealants, household chemical products and fire ceiling as filler.
  • In the paint industries the demand for calcite powder lies in its capability of providing a greater covering strength. It enhances the performance of quality oil synthetic, paints and other coatings. White Calcite Powder comes with excellent whiteness.
  • Use of Calcite Powder reduces costs of various industries and at the same time enhances the performance and function of related products. It boasts of being used as the most extensive range of inorganic filler and increases the volume of products significantly. It wide range of application areas include detergents, cleaning agents, zeolite, product modification, chemical synthesis, metal smelting, aerospace, high-tech machinery, etc.
  • Calcium Carbonate Powder is used in rubber, PVC pipes, plastic, coatings, paper, sealants, paint, daily necessities, medicine and feed as reinforcing agent and filler. The use of Calcite Powder is beneficial as it reduces costs, increases volume and very importantly improves the processing performance matrix. It has a big role in enhancing gloss, reinforcement, wear and tear resistance and tensile.
  • The leading Calcite Powder Exporters are known for offering the finest quality Calcium Carbonate Powder at reasonable prices. The Natural Calcite Powder Suppliers manufacture high quality Calcite Powder which is applicable in many industrial applications and some are known reputed for supplying Calcite Powder with excellent whiteness and mesh size. Calcite powder is available in various packaging options and can be obtained at the most competent prices. The safe and efficient packaging ensures that the calcite powder stays pure and effective till the end.